Hard Surface Solutions

A Division of Hard Surface Solutions, Inc.
A full service asphalt and concrete maintenance company in the Chicago area.
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Seal-Kote Services was ranked one of the top 100 sealcoating contractors in the USA by the leading pavement industry trade publication Pavement Magazine.

Seal-Kote Employment Opportunities:

Superintendent Wanted

Growing asphalt maintenance and sealcoating company looking for Superintendent. Job requires weekend work and high accountability for customer satisfaction, job efficiency and profitability. Experience in Sealcoating, Striping and asphalt a plus, but more important is your ability to make sure crews are operating efficiently.

Qualified candidate will receive salary, company vehicle/vehicle allowance and excellent opportunity for bonuses/commissions. Excellent opportunity for a small contractor who nolonger wants the hassles of running his own business. Please call Larry at 847-264-0603 or fax resume with experience and salary requirements to 847-342-8460. You may email resume and questions toinfo@wefixpotholes.com

Some of your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Checklists on trucks.
  2. Dispatching of crews.
  3. Making sure we’re well stocked, but not overstocked with Sealer, additives, crackfiller, paint, cold patch, etc. at all times.
  4. Making sure daily work sheets are filled out every day.
  5. Make sure foreman work sheets are filled out for commercial jobs.
  6. Make sure all trucks and equipment is maintained and taken in for repairs when needed. A) Striping machines cleaned out with proper solvents. B) Oil checked and changed in all equipment and Trucks. C) Pumps and strainer baskets cleaned out regularly. D) Shovels and squeegees cleaned out regularly from sealer buildup and dirt. Brushes changed out when needed E) Taking in and picking up trucks and equipment when being repaired.
  7. Striping trailer, shed and shop maintained in an orderly fashion.
  8. Be on top of touchups and customer complaints.
  9. Safe seal 3405/ Prep jobs. Cones and barricades picked up and taken down from commercial jobs.
  10. Measuring and estimating jobs.
  11. Painting areas to be patched on any infrared or patching jobs.
  12. Visiting commercial jobsites just prior to day of job to a) come up with a game plan for job. B) Mark all curbs and dirt were lines are to make job easier for striping crew. C) Tape ends of stripes (1st, last and middle) D) Have trucks and trailers prepared with needed equipment and materials.
  13. Lining up extra help for large weekend jobs.
  14. Filling out of tasks sheets for operations manuals.
  15. Soliciting of jobs on days where crews are not totally booked.
  16. Letting crew members know if they will not be needed to work based on work load or weather.
  17. Assist owner in deciding weather to work or not work based on weather.
  18. Sorting out job cards into Paid and not paid envelopes with payments attached to paid jobs.

Pay will be a weekly salary with an added incentive for job profitability.

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