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Crack sealing is a cost effective pavement maintenance service (federal research SGRP-106Data).



Upon completion of sealcoating of commercial parking lots we install clearly marked stalls, handicap spaces, and directional arrows that all result in a more efficient and problem-free parking lot.

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Range of Services for Seal Kote Corp.


Cleaning parking lots is the hardest and most important part of the seal coating job. The finest sealer will not adhere to a dirty surface. Most contractors including ourselves utilize an industry standard of high pressure blow cleaning. We also offer extra power sweeping services necessary to clean heavy or oily debris. Extra power sweeping before seal coating provides a clean base often necessary in low areas, on the sides along curbs, and on older asphalt surfaces. High pressure blowing alone will not properly prepare these areas for seal coating.

For residential and other low traffic areas we will perform a one coat application brush applied. This will give you the neatest and most durable coating. If you have a new driveway that has never been sealed the first sealcoat should be 2 coats.

On higher traffic commercial properties we will recommend a 2 coat application that includes 1 coat squeegee and/or brush applied and 1 coat of spray application.

Seal-Kote Services is still currently using a 100% coal tar product. Some manufacturers have tried to manufacture asphalt based sealer, which holds some potential but as of right now has had significantly inferior results with regards to gas and oil resistance and durability (often not even lasting 1 year and at best 1/2 as long as our commercial formula. In addition latex additives and aggregate are added for faster drying and curing, skid resistance, deeper blacker color and a general more durable coating.

Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is the single most cost effective pavement maintenance service we provide (federal research SGRP-106Data). Parking lots and driveways vary according to the types, size, and amount of cracks.

Deep and wide cracks need to be cleaned and sealed to keep water out. Water will further erode cracks, and work deep into the asphalt eventually causing costly pot-holes and failure. Today there are several new advances in crack sealants. On commercial applications Seal-Kote Corp will use a blast of super-heated compressed air to clean cracks to clean virtually all dirt debris and vegetation to create a perfectly cleaned and etched crack for the hot crack sealant to adhere to the walls of the cracks. The crack walls and hot sealant cool together forming a weather-tight bond. This is a far superior method of preparation than simply blowing over the crack and more cost-effective than routing cracks. In the case of deep but narrow cracks, where the depth of the cracks is far greater than the width of the cracks we may recommend routing to open up the cracks followed by the hot compressed air to remove all dust and pre-heat the asphalt.

Parking Lot Line Striping

Upon completion of sealcoating of commercial parking lots we install clearly marked stalls, handicap spaces, and directional arrows that all result in a more efficient and problem-free parking lot. These markings are often essential for maximizing parking lot space and enhancing the flow of traffic. Ensuring that the parking lot striping is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act also reduces owner liability.

All parking lot striping work is performed with modern airless striping machines to insure crisp edges and proper mil thickness of pavement markings. We also offer design and layouts of new parking lots as well as sign and wheel stop installation.

Infrared and Pothole Repairs

Through the use of today's infrared technology, Seal-Kote Services can now do small asphalt repairs at a fraction of the cost that most Paving Contractors would charge as their minimum charge. In addition unlike saw cut repairs our repairs won’t develop joint seams that need to be filled to prevent water and ice from forming. Small potholes will be cleaned primed and filled with IDOT approved asphalt prior to being compacted with vibratory plate compactors.

Infrared also recycles as much of the existing asphalt as possible making it a more environmentally friendly asphalt repair method. Asphalt can be re-melted and by adding a bit of fresh mix and rejuvenating oils be just as good as new. Seamless, inexpensive, and good for nature-what more can you ask in asphalt repairs?

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