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A full service asphalt and concrete maintenance company in the Chicago area.
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Seal-Kote is a "lifetime" Chicago company that understands the demands placed on asphalt driveways and commercial parking lots in the Chicago area.


Chicago winters and Seal Kote Corp

Seal-Kote knows Chicago winters

Pavement maintenance in Chicago is effected by lake effect snows, winds, and fairly drastic temperature variations from summer to winter. Seal-Kote understands these demands.

Seal-Kote Services primarily uses 100% coal tar sealants. For decades coal tar sealants have proven to be the most durable asphalt sealants on the market. For more information on coal tar sealants visit http://www.truthaboutcoaltar.com/ 

Seal-Kote Services can also sealcoat your driveway or parking lot with what many consider to be a more environmentally friendly asphalt sealer. Although asphalt sealers still don’t compare to the durability of coal tar sealers, there have been tremendous improvements over the past  5 years. The appearance right after a fresh sealcoating job is comparable or even better than coal tar sealer jobs. (There is an addition cost for asphalt sealer.)

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