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Seal-Kote uses latex additives and added aggregate for faster drying and curing, slip and skid resistance, deeper blacker color that doesn't "fade" and overall a far more durable coating than plain coal tar.

Sealcoating - Extend the Life of Your Pavement

Spray coating parking lot

Cleaning parking lots is the hardest and most important part of the seal coating job.

The finest sealers will not adhere to a dirty surface. Most contractors including ourselves utilize an industry standard of high pressure air cleaning with specialized high-power blowers. But at Seal-Kote we also offer the extra power sweeping services necessary to clean heavy or oily debris. Power sweeping with specialized power brooms before seal coating provides a clean base necessary in low areas, on the sides along curbs, and on older asphalt surfaces or lots where mud from trucks or other vehicles becomes embedded in the asphalt. High pressure blowing alone will not properly prepare these areas for seal coating.

Seal-Kote is an environmentally friendly pavement maintenance company and employs the latest in asphalt recycling technology. 

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